Purdey cropThere’s an old Scottish legend that speaks about the Cait Sith (pronounced ‘caught shee‘), a witch in the form of a terrifying wild cat who roams the Highlands and is capable of appearing and disappearing at will.

The Cait Sith is supposed to be the size of a large dog, and she is pure black except for a white mark on her chest.  She spells doom to all who cross her path.

Do you believe this kind of rubbish?   I’m sure I don’t.   The things that really make my fur stand on end are the hoover and the floor mop… oh, and that memorable time when Verity dressed up in a long black cloak at Hallowe’en and crept up on me in the dark.   I still haven’t forgotten that!

Yesterday while I was on my purry cushion I was dreaming of how I might appear, if I decided to transform myself into a Cait Sith…

Poochcat2I don’t know if it was the bright moon playing tricks with my whiskers, but later that evening my attention was drawn to the darkened hallway, where I was sure I caught the sound of footsteps going up the stairs.   I plopped off my purry cushion and went to investigate.   Coming from the landing was a soft rustling noise, and as I watched, the top stairs were lit by a faint, eerie glow.

Luckily, this phenomenon was captured on video.   I’m awaiting a call from the Most Haunted team, but meanwhile I am going to share it with you… watch it if you dare!