My regular readers will know that I have a little white tip to my tail.   Here it is in action:

However irresistible it might be, while I’m asleep I don’t expect my tail to be used for purposes outside my control.

This morning, I was napping quietly on my office chair when a certain artist decided he’d try a little experiment.   Apparently, he had exhausted the possibilities of pin-feathers and was looking for alternative amusement.

Purdey Painting 1

Rose madder or yellow ochre? Can’t quite decide…

I slept right through this hilarious exercise, and only discovered the photographs later when they were downloaded onto the computer.  You can imagine my concern.  I have checked my tail, and the end of it is still pure white.   I am, however, going to be sleeping with it tucked under my bottom from now on.

Purdey Painting 3

Purdey cropAdvisory note:  No cats’ tails were harmed or coloured in the production of this feature.   Do not try this yourself!