Black grouse in silver birch (4)Colin’s latest self-imposed challenge has been to create a larger-than-usual pin-feather painting, using the feather of a black grouse instead of a woodcock.

You may remember he created a small vignette of a black grouse in his ‘Olympic challenge’ last year, which combined the pin-feathers of five game birds into one painting.   This latest painting is much bigger – 11 inches high by eight inches wide – and it is the largest single painting in terms of size that he has ever painted with a pin-feather of any kind.   He had forgotten just how floppy and unmanageable the black grouse feathers were, but it all soon came flooding back!

I love this picture simply because it is so different – the tree itself, a beautiful silver birch, almost steals the show because of its graceful shape and delicate, lace-like branches.  Quite how Colin achieved this intricate effect is impossible to say.

More of Colin’s pin-feather paintings can be seen on his website,

Black grouse in silver birch (5)

Black grouse in silver birch (1)

Black grouse in silver birch (2)

 Images copyright © Colin Woolf