Eider-family-SKwsColin has just finished these two wonderful studies of eiders – one in pencil, one in watercolour.   Since eiders are my very favourite birds, I have snaffled the watercolour as a birthday present (no matter that my birthday isn’t until January!)

The pencil drawing was inspired by wonderful sightings of a ‘creche’ of eider ducklings in the shallow waters near Connel, just north of Oban, last year.   The mothers were grouped together, minding their infants, while the dads were off somewhere, possibly bodyboarding or jet-skiing or something.   (You never know!)   The ducklings were an adorable sight, diving and popping up all over the place, and this sketch has captured them perfectly.

Click on either image to enlarge it.   You can view the eider sketch on our website, where it’s now for sale.  Eiders pair_wsImages copyright © Colin Woolf