A new approach this time.  Please jot down your answers (there are only 6 questions) and see if you choose mostly A, B, C or D.   Then, consult the results table below.   It’s that simple! 

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Dun Carloway, Lewis

So, here’s the scenario.  You’re one of a small group of Pictish people, trying to scratch a living on the coast of north-west Scotland in the first century AD.  Will you live or die?  (Your chances aren’t that great, just so that you know).

So, would you survive as a Pict?  Here’s your answer!

Mostly A:      You’re way before your time.  Life is going to seem quite slow for the next two thousand years.  Try some more carving.

Mostly B:      You put far too much trust in all the wrong places – extinction is looming!

Mostly C:      You’ve got loads of energy, but most of it is wrongly directed.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

Mostly D:      Survival is possible, but not guaranteed.   And forget what the Druid guy says – write stuff down!

Read about the broch at Dun Carloway, Isle of Lewis here;   and the amazing Aberlemno stones here.   Oh, and if you want to know what a cas chrom is… click here!

Aberlemno stone

So beautiful! But where’s the key? “Ooops” isn’t good enough!

Photos copyright © Colin & Jo Woolf