Purdey cropDoes anyone like to go out in the rain?  When the lawn is cold, wet and muddy, and the bushes drip on your nice glossy fur?  No, is the answer.

Until it’s sunny again I need something to occupy my very lively curiosity.  Luckily for me, I have found just the thing.   It’s called Colin’s studio.

Colin’s studio is sealed behind a tightly closed door.   But I know what lies beyond.  Once, a couple of years ago, the door was left open and I discovered a treasure trove of fascinating goodies.  Bookshelves, cubby holes, a massive chest of drawers, freshly prepared sketches, paints, an easel and – imagine my joy! – a pot full of brushes.

I don’t know what animal made these brushes but they’re distinctly chewable.  I selected one of them with great care and spent a blissful half hour before being found and ejected.   This, I felt, was unfair, especially since Colin went on to create an extremely good painting with the same brush.

See?  Perfectly usable.

See? Perfectly usable.

Now, I’m plotting my return.   The door to the studio has a handle, and if I leap at it from a certain angle, I’m pretty sure it’s going to give way.   I’ve tried it on other doors and it works fine.   Balance and ballistics are everything, so I’m practising standing on the banisters before launching myself like a feline torpedo.

Purdey & door (1)

Coast clear? I think he’s settled down…

Purdey & door (2)

So, an attack angle of 95 degrees, and momentum equals mass times velocity…

Purdey & door (3)

Is that another Pink Floyd record he’s putting on?

Purdey & door (4)

Focus, focus, focus…

So far, things haven’t gone that well.   I only have to try it once before I’m detected, and then I’m always ushered downstairs.  However, there are certain things that Colin likes to watch on TV – Endeavour,  White Collar, Masterchef – so I’m planning my next move very carefully.

I can smell those brushes already!