Spurred by the success of his red grouse and black grouse pin-feather images, Colin has gone with the flow and made a start on the capercaillie.

I think most people would have been ever so slightly put off by the size of the feather!   It doesn’t look like a pin-feather at all – it’s long, broad and rounded at the end whereas most pin-feathers are small and sharply tapered.  I would challenge anyone to paint a straight line with it.

Colin had to create a special holder for the capercaillie feather, because it wouldn’t fit into the custom-made holder that he normally uses.

I’ve no idea how he has managed to paint the bird’s eye, let alone leave a miniscule white dot in the iris.  The red eye stripe has worked well, and there is a lovely iridescence in the plumage.   Now that the facial details are out of the way, he is relaxing just a bit.

Here are two photos of the work in progress.  The feather in the holder to the left is from a red grouse, to give an idea of the size difference.

Capercaillie in progress (1) © Colin Woolf

Capercaillie in progress (2) © Colin Woolf

More details can be found on Colin’s website under Latest Paintings.