Lighthouses are necessarily located in some of the most windswept, sea-scoured landscapes on Earth – but also the most dramatically beautiful.

I hope you’ll enjoy this photographic tour which takes you from Land’s End to Port Ness on the Isle of Lewis.

We’ve never set out to create a portfolio of lighthouse images, so the collection is by no means comprehensive.  You’ll see that most of our focus has been on Islay!   But the range of weather and lighting conditions is amazing.

All images copyright © Colin & Jo Woolf

Land's End lighthouse

Cliffs at Land's End

Newborough lighthouse, Anglesey, North Wales

Carraig Fhada, Port Ellen Bay, Islay (1)

Carraig Fhada - interesting interior!

Carraig Fhada (3)

Carraig Fhada, with morning ferry just to the left

Port Charlotte lighthouse, Islay

Rhinns lighthouse, Islay

Lismore lighthouse in Oban Bay

The Garvellachs

Butt of Lewis lighthouse

Butt of Lewis lighthouse