A new species is making its way onto the watercolour paper on Colin’s easel.   This is a ‘springer’ – a salmon heading upriver to spawn.

Up to now, Colin has always steered clear of painting fish (he much prefers cooking them).   In his early days as a book illustrator, he did produce a series of small images for a guide to British fish, but he’s no fisherman and he didn’t feel he had enough experience or specialist knowledge to attempt a full-scale painting.  However, his recent experiences on the Tweed have given him the confidence to attempt this challenging subject.

This is the preliminary sketch, and Colin is aware that it needs some refinement.  However, I think it’s full of life and movement.  Once Colin is satisfied that he’s got the form and attitude of the salmon absolutely right, he will stretch some paper and move on to watercolour.

I’ll keep this section updated with his progress, and Colin will also post updates on his website under Latest Paintings.