Too much Christmas spirit...

If, like me, you have over-indulged yourself just a little over the festive period – perhaps too many mice pies or vole-au-vents – you should be thinking about getting back into shape in time for spring, when the juicy little rodents will all be stirring in their burrows.

Here are a few simple exercises that any image-conscious feline can do, regardless of age and ability.

Fig. 1.  First, a stretching exercise.  Choose a comfy chair, preferably with a nice furry cushion.  Extend your back legs right out behind you, and your front legs out in front;  hold for a count of three.  Repeat several times.  (Ignore anybody who comes and laughs at you, and calls you ‘Supercat’.  Are they following fitness regimes?  No.)

Fig. 2.  Relax.  Go to sleep.

Fig. 3.   Occupy a supportive chair, ideally with a round cushion or base.  Arrange yourself in an inverted ‘U’ shape.

Fig. 4.  Slowly twist your shoulders to the right (or is it the left? – never mind), gently angling your upper body for a wonderful waistline-trimming stretch.  Hold and relax.  Repeat several times on each side.  Go to sleep.

N.B.   There is no need to open your eyes at any time during this workout.

What else should you remember?  Cut down on butter and cheese (how I love butter and cheese!)… and avoid salted peanuts, even if someone has dropped one and you think they haven’t noticed.

That’s all for now… good luck with your fitness programme!