Colin Woolf took these firework shots with an ordinary compact camera, set on the normal exposure setting… and by holding the camera as still as possible.

The trees in the foreground add a surreal quality.

Colin says:  “The ‘fireworks’ setting on the camera was troublesome because I found it took a long time to store the images, meaning that I was missing lots of shots.

“Being close to the display isn’t always a good thing – in some cases, it’s better to be further away, because you can photograph lots of fireworks at once.

“Here, I was almost underneath the fireworks and I had to anticipate where the rocket was going to explode. I pointed the camera at where I thought the next burst would be, and when I heard the rocket screaming off, I pressed the shutter.  Don’t wait until you see the explosion, because that’s far too late!”

Camera:  Lumix TZ-5

Images copyright © Colin Woolf