Boredom is a dangerous possibility for many cats who don’t wish to venture out on dark, rainy autumn evenings.  Being an active individual myself with a love of the outdoors, I have found the recent spell of bad weather extremely trying, but a number of creative projects have helped to while away the time.

Here are my tips for some worthwhile and absorbing indoor activities:

Tip 1 – Painting:  As a talented artist with a leaning towards impressionism, I love to experiment with mixed media.  However, care should be taken with open paint tubes;  after one memorable session I had a blue chin for several days.

Tip 2 – Crafting:  Fir cones are fascinating.  I love their shape, texture, and the noise they make when I crunch them.  I’m always having new ideas about where to put them, and then changing my mind.  The stairs are currently my favourite place for fir-cone based installation artwork.

Tip 3 – Origami:  Kitchen rolls are ideal, but you should always begin with a specific outcome in mind, and be sure to follow the instructions.  I sometimes forget to do this and the result is rather too abstract for anyone but myself to appreciate.

The creative process is enjoyable but exhausting, and afterwards it is vitally important to take time out and relax.  Here I am relaxing and dreaming up new ways of artistic expression.

That’s all for now!

It’s stopped raining and I’m off to play Scrabble with some shrews.