Running a business at home is no easy task:  good office management skills are essential for efficiency and productivity.

Advances in technology have brought considerable benefits, but they also cause a great many unnecessary problems.  Here are some of my tips for a stress-free office environment:

Tip 1:  If your computer is throwing up errors repeatedly, the best solution is to sit on the keyboard.  This will send many simultaneous messages to the hard disk, one of which is bound to be successful;  meanwhile you can enjoy a short doze, gently warmed by the heat of the processor.

Tip 2:  The value of a well-designed filing system cannot be underestimated.  I can easily locate and retrieve items from mine (leaving the task of replacing them to my office juniors).

Tip 3:   Printers produce a lot of annoying noise;  however much I stare at them, paper seldom emerges from the correct orifice.  If your printer displays similar symptoms, put it outside and you can then resume your interrupted sleep.

After a busy morning in the office, it’s vitally important to relax.  Here I am relaxing in my executive chair, before heading out to a committee meeting in the afternoon.

That’s all for now!   It’s getting dark and I have an appointment with a shrew.