Harold II swearing an oath to William of Normandy, part of the Bayeux Tapestry; via Wikimedia (credit Myrabella)

Harold II swearing an oath to William of Normandy, amid lots of finger pointing.  But what were they saying?
Part of the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry. Image via Wikimedia (credit Myrabella)

I was reading about a 16th century king just recently, and I was intrigued by a remark that he made about the succession of the monarchy.

It started me thinking about a quiz.    I’ve found a few nuggets of wisdom from the mouths of our former kings and queens, preserved for posterity through contemporary diaries, private letters and deathbed confessions.     Can you decide who said them?

For one of the questions I’ve borrowed a line from Shakespeare – you’ll probably know which one – and I’ve added a kind of ‘bonus’ question at the end, just as a diversion.

One thing is for sure:  these pampered and privileged royals had plenty to worry about.   As Henry IV observed – again, according to Shakespeare –  “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

Good luck!